by Jagmohan Singh Khurmi

  Being the No. 1 enemies of Pakistan we have a right to tell the world a thing or two about this insane country (actually a police-state, it's run by a military dictator). We were shocked when Bush came out to ask them to join him after 9/11 for 'war on terror'. It was like Roosevelt asking Hitler to fight against Nazism. But why would he do that ? Pressure . There was a lot of pressure on him from the bleeding breasts like Noam Chomsky and other such sissies who were already planning their peace-marches and candles when the history's worst massacre was on in the morning of 11 September. There are other anti-war fanatics obsessed with 'peace' s who are more dangerous than Taliban, since they are sitting inside US and are able, in one way or the other, to influence or even change the way US govt operates. It may sound incredible but there are people who have tried to prove that anti-Jewish holocaust did not take place at all ! That it was all a Jew-USA conspiracy to make a jewish state, and malign the noble Germans,etc !

There are such bloody fools in India also. In a vain attempt to win over the muslim hearts, a majority of historians have almost upturned down the whole history, and turned the destructive, fanatic hoards of muslims to 'a fabulous and peaceful religion of Prophet Mohammed', which 'came to India' with sole purpose of 'enriching' the hindu culture. No, we are not allowed to tell our students about at all the mass rapes, temple-breaking , mass tortures to humiliate the hindus who were not crank enough to embrace the 'peaceful religion' of Prophet Mohammed. Actually even the most barbaric customs among the hindu, like that of widow-burning, are the end result of the never ending persecution of by muslim tyranny under whose shadow the hindus were forced to live, due to constant crash-course lessons of 'non-violence' and peaceful 'co-existence' by the Noam Chomskys and Gandhis in hindu society, we became so docile and fearful that were even unable to protect our women , what a shame ! but it is a bitter truth that must be told. A lesson to be learnt. Especially by America.

After cheating India in 1947 they got away with large chunks of land, made a separate 'Islamic' state : Pakistan (actually two land masses). But were not keen enough to take all the Muslims out of India ! And why should they? They had long plans: their fanatic mullahs were already dreaming of a 100 % Islamic sovereign over whole south Asia.

While the Hindus and Sikhs got westernized, modern, and followed family planning to make India better by lowering their birth rates, they deliberately multiplied ( the Koran gives them right to marry four wives : how clever !). Result : now the Muslims in India are already grown to a population roughly equal to their brothers in Pakistan, i.e. there are two 'Pakistans' already and you can expect the third one soon, thanks to their religious teachers in mosques encouraging them to breed like germs.

They even en-courage young muslims to marry more non-muslims women. This is another method to increase their tribe. The rich mullahs in oil rich gulf even give cash rewards to young muslims for that, since western women are more healthy and physically fit , thus increasing the probability to bear more and more children, who will grow upto be Muslims of course. And once a woman goes into islam, she can not get back. She becomes a personal property to be kept in that black ghost costume, a machine to work in kitchen and produce next generation of suicide-bombers. Numerical strength works wonders. Even in western countries where they are in majority, they run the show.

In late 1995, "the Chalvey Muslim boys" in the Chalvey area of Slough (between London and Oxford), circulated a "notice" in and around the Slough & Eton Secondary School, informing the public that: "We Muslims don't want Kafirs (non-muslim )children to mix with our children, specially our girls. Two years ago a non-muslim boy was friendly with a Muslim girl and we made his life so difficult that he committed suicide. If your children come to this school, we will bully your boys the way we did to the boy who committed suicide, and we will make your daughter pregnant and change them into Islam. We mean what we are saying, and if you ignore it you will be very sorry."

And as if that was not enough they now also want India to give them Kashmir. Since they can not fight India in open ( they have been vanquished many times ), they are doing their worst in inciting a large part of Kashmiris to terrorize the peaceful Indian citizens. Taking advantage of their own mobs of uneducated , poor and sexually repressed jerks, putting them to good use by training them into brainwashed jehadi robots who will spend the rest of their wretched lives in making cunning and cowardly attacks on Indian officers and peace-keeping forces, and (in desperate situations) even killing and raping the Kashmiri muslims, and then make rumours about 'Indian Brutality' and show it to whole world.

To tilt the demographic balance they have killed or expelled almost all Hindus and Sikhs from Kashmir. The rich and indigenous culture of Buddhist and pandits is all but over. Millions of gentle and docile Kashmiri pandits, living there from time immemorial have been uprooted and are now wandering like beggars all over India.

This is Pakistan for you...


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